When To Plant Grass Seed

When to Plant Grass Seed

Knowing when to plant sometimes depends on the different types of grass seed you are planting. But usually most grass seed grows and germinates best in the early spring and early fall. You will also want to stay away from times with heavy rain, as it will wash your seeds away. Although you will want to water your seeds 2-3 times everyday for 3-4 weeks. Planting your own grass will save you money compared to laying sod. Seeds tend to grow deeper roots than sod which will produce a healthier lawn.

Apply a starter fertilizer before you sow your seeds. You will have to apply it again in 2-3 weeks as most of the fertilizer will have been washed away with the constant watering. Don't use any weed killer as it will kill your new sprouts. If you have a weed problem you will have to manually pull them out.

The best method of planting grass seed is to till the top soil with a stone rake. Use a seed spreader or apply by hand. Then use a leaf rake and gentle rake the seeds into the soil. planting grass seedIf your soil is poor, you may want to get a truck load of high grade top soil before you start.

There are a few disadvantages to seeding your lawn.

  • Takes 4-8 weeks before you have a lawn
  • Weeds have a good chance of growing and you can't use chemicals as it will also harm your grass. So you will have to pull them.
  • Soil will easily erode if to much rain falls

Other than the few disadvantages I would suggest growing your lawn from seed.

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